Building Second Chances: Tools for Local Reentry Coalitions

PARTS 1 & 2

This toolkit is designed for local city, county, and community leaders who want to play an active role in improving reentry policy, practice, and outcomes. Within, you will find user-friendly references to seminal publications, research findings, and noteworthy examples of the foundational knowledge needed to design new reentry strategies and reinvigorate existing ones.

Circular icon of two linked chain linksLinking and Leveraging Resources

This section of the toolkit will help you effectively use resources to fund your reentry strategy.  Meeting the needs of your reentry population requires understanding what funding streams are currently being tapped to support reentry efforts, whether these resources are being used effectively, where there are gaps that need to be filled, and what additional resources might be leveraged to fill them. Even if your reentry strategy is already well resourced, there may be opportunities to use what you have more effectively.

This section covers: