Empowering Women to Overcome Challenges to Reentry

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Empowering Women to Overcome Challenges to Reentry

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Learn about how women experience reentry and some strategies for overcoming the unique challenges they face. In this episode of Reentry Now, NRRC’s Sara Trevino and Felice Trirogoff first highlight reentry stories and the latest reentry recommendations. They then delve into the unique challenges women face when reentering their communities from jails and prisons, including issues like child custody, mental health, and addiction. In the powerful final segment, Sara and Felice talk with two women, Penni E’Nama and Kala Siano, from the non-profit agency Peace by Piece in Delaware. Penni and Kala share their own personal experiences with reentry, along with insights and strategies for women reentering the community. Listen as they discuss healing, building life skills, and tips for getting back into the workforce.  

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