Show Me the Money: Why Financial Literacy is Key to Reentry

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Episode 3

Show Me the Money: Why Financial Literacy is Key to Reentry

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Welcome to the third episode of Reentry Now, “Show Me the Money: Why Financial Literacy is Key to Reentry.” Hosts Sara Trevino and Felice Trirogoff from the NRRC start by reviewing the latest in reentry, highlighting important news from the White House that expands second chance opportunities for formerly incarcerated persons.

In the episode’s main segment, Sara, Felice, and two guests discuss the financial challenges that people in reentry face and why financial literacy is so important. The first guest, DeAnna Hoskins, President and CEO of JustLeadershipUSA, discusses financial literacy from a lived experience perspective, including the financial barriers people reentering their communities face. The second guest, Mary Griffin, Executive Director of the Cooperative Development Foundation and an expert on policies and programs to improve the financial lives of the economically vulnerable, talks about an important resource she co-authored, the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Financial Reentry Toolkit.

During this dynamic conversation, DeAnna and Mary exchange stories and experiences that demonstrate the importance of this topic and of listening to the voices of impacted people. Listen now to learn ways to help those in reentry overcome financial challenges and increase their financial literacy.


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