Proposed Rules on Reducing Barriers to HUD-Assisted Housing

April 29, 2024

2:00 pm Eastern

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Join the Formerly Incarcerated and Convicted People and Families Movement (FICPFM), the National Housing Law Project, the National Low Income Housing Coalition, the Shriver Center on Poverty Law, and the Vera Institute of Justice for a webinar on the proposed HUD rule to reduce barriers to HUD-assisted housing. Speakers will offer a comprehensive overview of HUD's Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and its implications for people with conviction histories who are looking to secure housing.


  • Caroline Iosso, Vera Institute of Justice
  • Eric Sirota, Shriver Center for Poverty Law
  • John Bae, Vera Institute of Justice
  • Kim Johnson, National Low Income Housing Coalition
  • Kimberly Dunne, FICPFM
  • Marie Claire Tran Leung, National Housing Law Project

With remarks by:

  • Dr. Richard Cho, Office of the Secretary, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development