Assessing Housing Needs and Risks: A Screening Questionnaire

Screening, Assessment, and Planning
Second Chance Month

Screening questionnaire cover pageAdequately assessing housing needs and coordinating service delivery between partner organizations closes service gaps, improves continuity of care, and reduces the likelihood of a client falling through the cracks.

This questionnaire from the National Reentry Resource Center, updated in April 2022, is intended to help reentry professionals better assess an individual’s unique housing needs and risk of homelessness upon returning to the community. Departments of correction, reentry service providers, service intake coordinators, case managers, and others should use the questionnaire as a supplement to any existing intake or case planning processes.

Used in conjunction with other housing tools and services, this questionnaire can help reentry service providers improve clients’ housing success and create a foundation for improved reentry success and reduced likelihood of recidivism.

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