Probation System Review Guidebook, 3rd Edition

Family Engagement
Mental Health
Screening, Assessment, and Planning
Youth/Young Adults

Probation System Review Guidebook Cover

This guide from the Robert F. Kennedy National Resource Center for Juvenile Justice provides the analytical framework that guides the review process toward alignment of jurisdictions’ practices with national best practice standards that contribute to improved system performance and youth outcomes.

The updated third edition of the Probation System Review (PSR) Guidebook aligns reform approaches with the most current advances in the field, based on up-to-date and relevant research on adolescent development, risks-needs-responsivity approaches, probation supervision, graduated system of responses, family engagement, and data-driven decision making.

This newest release features the seminal framework that the RFK National Resource Center has used in partnership with twenty-five jurisdictions across nearly one-third of the states and territories to achieve substantial improvements in youth outcomes and system performance.

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