Closing the Delivery Gap

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Code for America

Closing the Delivery Gap

This report, from Code for America, is part of their effort to help make the case for policy reforms that are driven by the aggregate experiences of real Californians seeking to clear their records.

The report is based on four sources of data:

  1. Code For America’s Clear My Record (CMR) web and mobile analytics — including website data, intake form data, and other service data — generated between April 2016 and November 2017
  2. An eight-state survey targeting members of the public with criminal records about how those records have impacted their lives (655 complete responses)
  3. A CMR applicant-only survey fielded to over 5,500 people who applied on our site between April 2016 and December 2017 (586 complete responses)
  4. Extensive internal research including applicant interviews, attorney partner interviews and in-person site visits to public defender’s offices

The authors believe that the collection and analysis of this data provides the most current and comprehensive information available today on the experiences of Californians seeking to clear up past convictions on their records.