Webinar: Offender Reentry Programs - Housing Options for Successful Tribal Reentry


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Nationally, the provision of stable housing options for individuals reentering the community after a period of incarceration continues to be a challenge for many tribal communities. In the webinar sponsored by the American Probation and Parole Association's Tribal Community Corrections Support Center, presenter Tony Fish, Director of Muscogee Creek Nation Reintegration Program (MCN RIP) provides a practitioner’s perspective of working with reentrants to achieve successful reintegration through MCN RIP).

Tony highlights the importance of housing options as a life-sustaining need that must be addressed to effectively address other needs that are key to successful community reintegration efforts. Co-presenter James Bender, Senior Case Manager, MCN RIP, discusses MCN RIP’s strategy to address ancillary, life skills, and other needs paramount to reentrant quality of life enhancement. The presentation features a compelling documentary of MCN RIP participants, staff, and stakeholder experiences and testimonies.