Supporting the Health and Well-Being of Individuals with Correctional System Involvement

March 20, 2024

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 – 5 Eastern

NASHPIndividuals with involvement in the correctional system need access to coordinated programs to improve health, behavioral health, and social outcomes to support successful reentry into the community and to prevent repeated movement in and out of the correctional system. States and the federal government have begun making historic changes to the Medicaid program to support the health and well-being of individuals returning to the community from correctional facilities. These changes represent an unprecedented opportunity to advance community health and safety, and success requires building bridges across sectors, but many states need to establish or expand key linkages and partnerships.    

On March 20th, the National Academy for State Health Policy and the Health and Reentry Project are hosting a session aimed at state and local level officials working within the corrections sector. This introductory session will introduce the key partners and programs at the state and local level, recent Medicaid policy changes, and opportunities for partnerships across the health and corrections systems. Attendees will learn from national experts, hear state examples, and discuss with their peers from other states.