Second Chance Hiring in Energy

September 28, 2023

Second Chance Hiring in Energy

 – 12 Eastern

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This webinar from the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Economic Impact and Diversity, is the kickoff of a virtual series exploring second chance hiring opportunities in the energy sector – and why models reimagining the criminal justice workforce pipeline make the most business sense for today’s economy.

This industry-focused, stakeholder led, and interdepartmentally supported series is designed to ensure the Administration’s Second Chance recidivism and rehabilitation priorities are met – strategic in both guaranteeing the future of tomorrow’s work force and enabling our nation’s transition to renewable energy.

Whether you're an energy employer, justice-impacted job seeker, community-based organization making it all happen, or simply interested in the topic, this event is for you! Come hear a gathering of industry experts to discover the:

  • Business case and benefits for energy employers hiring from justice-impacted communities,
  • Today’s career opportunities and tomorrow’s realities for energy jobseekers,
  • Convening and enabling power of Second Chance workforce pipeline-creators (community-based organizations like non-profits, apprenticeships, unions, vocational/technical trainers, and more!),
  • And the main industry misconceptions around hiring from justice-impacted communities for all.