Keys for Building Successful Adult Mentoring Relationships

March 17, 2015

Hosted by the National Reentry Resource Center

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Reentry mentoring programs typically aim to provide a mix of formal and informal support to adults returning to their communities after incarceration. To best foster connections between participants and mentors and create a pathway to the support and services that participants need, good relationship skills are essential. This webinar shares approaches for building positive relationships between mentors and participants, including the importance of communication skills, problem-solving strategies, and conflict management tools. These competencies can also help participants improve their own family, personal, and professional relationships as they reenter the community.

This webinar is most useful for mentoring program administrators, those who provide training to mentors, and mentors themselves.

  • Jason Krafsky, Managing Director, Healthy Relationships International
  • Bento Leal, Director, Healthy Relationships Bay Area/Program Specialist
  • Nicole Jarrett, PhD, Senior Policy Analyst, CSG Justice Center’s National Reentry Resource Center