Youth Offender Reentry Program

The Second Chance Act Youth Offender Reentry Program encourages collaboration between state agencies, local government, and community- and faith-based organizations to address the challenges that reentry and recidivism reduction pose for moderate to high-risk system-involved juveniles returning to their communities from juvenile residential or correctional facilities.

Objectives and Deliverables

The goal of this program is to increase public safety and reduce recidivism among moderate to high-risk youth following release from a juvenile residential or correctional facility. Some areas of focus include:

  • Enhance partnership between juvenile justice systems and community providers;
  • Streamline and enhance pre-release planning and coordination between pre-and post-release services;
  • Provide appropriate mental health services, drug treatment, medical care, job training and placement, educational services, vocational services, and other services or supports needed for reentry;
  • Emphasize use of validated assessment tools, evaluation, and outcomes; and
  • Focus on geographical areas with resource gaps or with a disproportionate population of youth returning to the community.

For more information, see the most recent BJA grant solicitation ( and webinar.