Five Things About Reentry

Second Chance Month
April 2023

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Five Things About Reentry

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Originally coined by former director of the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Jeremy Travis, "reentry" is the process by which a person in correctional confinement prepares for release and transitions back into the community. The NIJ views the reentry processes on a continuum ranging from risk and needs assessment at intake; program, treatment, and educational attainment during incarceration; case planning for release; and post-release supervision and reintegration.

In 2021, state and federal correctional facilities released approximately 443,740 individuals (Bureau of Justice Statistics, Federal Justice Statistics, 2021). For the NIJ, it is essential to understand how research can inform each stage of the reentry process, increasing the odds that people returning home can successfully and productively remain in their community. 

This article from the NIJ discusses five key aspects of reentry derived from decades of research evidence. 

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