Evidenced-Based Workforce Training Series

Correctional Supervision: Prisons and Jails
Second Chance Month

Two people seated next to another person standing in a classroomThe Evidenced-Based Workforce Training Series, developed by the National Institute of Corrections and based on evidence-based practices, shows corrections staff how to combine cognitive behavioral interventions with motivational interviewing techniques to address offenders’ gainful attachment to the workforce and/or job loss. The approach supports the exploration of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs affecting post-release employment for individuals who are incarcerated while addressing quality of life issues. In addition, the series uses the Employment Retention Inventory, a case management tool that connects justice-involved adults to appropriate services and support.

The series consists of the four main training events:

Employment Retention: Principles and Practice (24-hour regional training)

  • Introduction to motivational interviewing techniques
  • Introduction to cognitive behavioral interventions
  • Career theory and assessments

E-Learning Modules (4-hour web-based training)

  • Employment retention strategies
  • Evidence-based concepts
  • Motivational interviewing

Employment Retention: Criminal Justice System (40-hour instructor-led)

  • Continuum of care model
  • Career theory operationalization
  • Employment Retention Inventory

Professional Coaching Sessions (2-hour quarterly sessions)

  • Skill mastery
  • Knowledge enhancement 

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