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Subscribe here to the new CDC Correctional Health Newsletter! The Newsletter seeks to advance and streamline CDC’s communications with partners on correctional health activities across the agency. Content will include CDC resources, upcoming events, stories from the field/past events, opportunities to engage (e.g., surveys, feedback sessions), updates about current emergency response activities, funding opportunities, and publications. The CDC may include collaborations with others outside CDC or other public health resources as well.  

CDC correctional health activities include any aspects of health and well-being for adults and juveniles who are justice system-involved, from their arrest, during detention or incarceration, and through reentry. These activities also include the health of families and communities of persons who are justice system-involved and of the administrators and staff who work in facilities. The first issue is tentatively scheduled to be released in June 2024 and will be published bimonthly (every other month). Subscription is opt-in and open to the public. The CDC would love to hear your feedback! You can email [email protected]  to share what type of content would be most useful.