Storytelling for Reentry Programs: Using the Power of Story to Build Strong Support for Your Program

July 22, 2020


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People are hardwired to respond to stories. Great storytellers explain what it all means and make us feel like we fit in there somewhere. Storytelling can help support your program’s sustainability and evaluation planning.

In this hour-long webinar from the Evaluation and Sustainability Training and Technical Assistance (ES TTA) team at RTI International and the Center for Court Innovation, attendees learned how to use storytelling in two different ways.

  • First, share a compelling narrative. Who needs to hear your story? Why should they care? Audiences may not remember all the components of your program, but they will remember how you made them feel.
  • Second, tell a story with your data. What do you want your audience to know? Are you collecting the data that will tell your story? Declutter your data and clarify your message.

Presenter: Lisa Bailey Vavonese, Center for Court innovation