Reentry 2023: A Wholistic Approach to Reentry

April 24, 2023

Reentry 2023: A Wholistic Approach to Reentry Flyer

Presented by The National Association of Reentry Professionals (NARP) this annual conference, A "Wholistic" Approach to Reentry, will focus on the full scope of the needs of returning citizens. The “wholistic” approach provides guidance and support focusing on all aspects of returning citizens’ lives.   

The Reentry 2023 conference staff are a multi-disciplinary team of professionals sharing best practices and experiences leading to effective, evidence-based outcomes.

The objectives for the Reentry 2023 conference are:

  • Celebrate reentry programming excellence
  • Build stronger organizational practices by connecting with coalitions and networks across the nation
  • Train with professionals and advocates working to improve reentry without discrimination
  • Strengthen programs, true-to-life discussions, opportunities, and steps to support children, families, and communities during reentry

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