Partnering with Persons with Lived Experience Lessons Learned Webinar

January 12, 2022


HUD Exchange logoIn April 2021 and again in August 2021, the HUD Exchange, an online platform for providing program information, guidance, services, and tools to U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) community partners, offered Community Workshops on specific topic areas that address the needs and challenges of ending homelessness, including among individuals with criminal records . One of the topic areas offered in both workshops was how communities can authentically and meaningfully partner with persons with lived experience.

This upcoming webinar is an opportunity for communities to:

  • Hear lessons learned from the Partnering with Persons with Lived Experience
  • Learn from the teachable moments and learning opportunities that came out of the 2021 Community Workshops
  • Receive next step suggestions for strengthening partnerships with persons with lived experience of homelessness

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