Coalition for Juvenile Justice National Conference: Reenvisioning Youth Justice: Treating Young People as Individuals

May 24, 2023

Coalition for Juvenile Justice National Conference banner imageEach year, the Coalition for Juvenile Justice (CJJ) hosts a national conference uniquely focused on improving juvenile justice and delinquency prevention systems, services, practices, and policies. More than 300 juvenile justice practitioners and advocates from across the U.S. and its territories are accepted to join together for this unique event.

This year's conference, hosted May 24-26 in Washington, DC, is focused on the latest research, developments, and challenges facing our field today. Specifically, the conference will address:

  • How can we restructure current practices to ensure young people receive individualized services and supports?
  • How can systems collaborate with one another to more holistically address young people's needs?
  • How can states and communities serve as leaders in shaping a better juvenile justice system for our most vulnerable youth?
  • How can we improve collaborations with young people and families with lived experiences in the systems we work with?
  • What role does advocacy play as communities seek to improve services and provide trauma-responsive care for children and youth?

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